Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Great Auction

Okay, it's Sunday again. Don't they just come around faster and faster?

I've been busy. There's going to be an auction to benefit a woman who, a year ago, was hit by a terrible illness when she had her second child. She is doing pretty well now, but she lost both of her legs, one of her arms and her eyesight. Her family still needs help and I am going to do my little part.

Like I said, there's going to be a benefit auction next weekend. I've donated four pieces of jewelry and it would be nice if a jillion people stopped in at the action and bought something. Go to and see what there is too see. And buy something.

I did my Food Lifeline bit yesterday. We repacked over 13,000 pounds of canned and dry food from the letter carriers food drive that was held in May. They tell us that it translates to over 11,000 meals for hungry people. Pretty impressive, but still isn't enough. Especially when so many people are out of work. Or, even working but not making enough to buy food.

My shops have been pretty slow lately so I've been using the time to make inventory. I have a bazillion fresh water pearls in lots of different colors, so I thought I would use some of them to make some fresh supplies for my stores. They are lovely and luminous and I think they'll make some beautiful pieces.

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