Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I am Accomplishing

I'm a great believer in the chipping away theory. That you can do a little every day and accomplish great things. Like saving money, making something wonderful, lose weight, whatever.
I joined Facebook so I could promote my shops more and have a bigger internet footprint. I joined some groups, invited a few people to "friend" me and some did. (Of course, they were actually relatives, but that's okay.) Considering that at this time last year I had no shops online, no blog, no internet footprint whatsoever, I think I'm doing pretty well. There are still a few things I have to do, such as figure out how to add the ArtFire shop to my Facebook page and how to start a fan page, but with baby steps, I'll get there.
We went to the Fremont Street Fair today and I bought more of those gorgeous glass pendants from the Loot! lady. I'll be making and listing some beautiful new things in the weeks to come. I spent all my money. Business has been a little slow lately and I'm really scraping up the pennies in the supply department, but I expect things to pick up soon.

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