Sunday, June 28, 2009

Working on the Right Things

Here it is, already Sunday again. They come around so fast!
It's funny that working on something you find interesting isn't really work at all. When I'm making jewelry, or even doing the inventory or writing descriptions, the time simply slips away. It isn't work at all. But, when it's my turn to clean the bathroom, it takes forever. The trick to living the ideal life would be to only do things that you really like doing. Or, maybe not. If you only did the things that you like, maybe they would someday come to feel like work. Maybe we need the unpleasant things to remind us how fun the fun things are.
There are things that are important to work at too. Like friends. Some people say you have to work at marriage too, but I don't find that's true at all. It's the easiest thing I do, marriage. No work. Only fun.
But friends you have to work at. It takes time to contact friends, to make plans, to carry out the plans. But if you don't do it, you lose contact with the friends and then, pretty soon, you don't know them anymore.
I'd lost track of one of my high school friends, but now I've found her again on Facebook. She lives in another state and I know she's ill, but I hope that we can rekindle that wonderful friendship we had.
Since my children are grown, I've found that you have to work at keeping a relationship with them too. Some of them are easy; they're receptive and eager to spend time with us. But some of them are too busy, work too strange of hours, just have stuff to do. Like we do. It's that stuff that gets in the way. Like work. The work is important, of course. But the other stuff, the nurturing of friendships and relationships and the fun things are all more important. I'm going to try not to lose sight of that.

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