Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring in Seattle

Wow, the weather has been so beautiful. I swear it looks like summer and it isn't even June yet. I hope this keeps up for awhile. It makes me want to work out in my yard and get it all fixed up for summer. But I guess that will have to wait awhile.
I got a lot accomplished this weekend, though. Made some great jewelry and even sold a couple of things. All is good. I'm getting ready to display my jewelry in Designing Images, a wonderful hair salon in Edmonds. In another week or two, I'll have bracelets and earrings there for customers to see and, hopefully, buy. Or, they can simply take a business card and look at my ArtFire or Etsy stores.
The jewelry shops are taking up most of my life right now and will until I get enough inventory ahead that I can have several pieces in reserve. I don't mind. I love making beautiful things that other people find beautiful too. Fortunately, my lovely husband doesn't mind taking over some of the household duties while I'm so busy.
And my regular job keeps me busy too. I've been off for almost the whole week and, while I got to sleep a little later and make lots of jewelry, I really miss the patients and my coworkers. I don't get to talk to my customers beyond an email or two so it's great to see the patients face to face and talk and laugh with them.
I work at Dr. Diane Doppel's orthodontic office, the very best one in the city and possibly the state. We work with the greatest bunch of patients in the world.

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